John Crouch Tobacconist embodies the essence of Virginia. After all, tobacco is Virginia's oldest industry. Years ago, tobacco was believed to have medical properties and a tobacconist was consulted in much of the same way that a pharmacist is today. In those days, a tobacconist would create a blend of tobacco products to ease an ailment.

John Crouch Tobacconist has been home to the Washington areas' nicest and largest humidor for over 30 years.

They carry virtually every fine, imported cigar including:

They carry a fine selection of:


Dan Geller has owned John Crouch Tobacconist for more than 25 years. His wife's father smoked a pipe and Dan started an import business. Dan moved the tobacco shop from across King Street years ago and found an opportunity to combine the business with The Scottish Merchant. He found that the two businesses complimented each other nicely and the rest is history.

Their selection goes on and on. They have cutters that range from cigar snips, to dirks, to decorative broadsword claymores. This really is a fascinating place. You should drop by. The folks at John Crouch Tobacconist are friendly and knowledgeable about everything in their store.